Kenelyze now includes Visual Annotation, New Metrics, Improved Data Filters and more

Kenelyze is a visual analytics platform which allows anyone to create fully interactive network maps on the fly using any dataset. It was built to enable data analysts to leverage the full power of network analysis and visualisation from within the comfort of their browser and integrate networks in their day-to-day analysis workflows.

We’re very excited to announce a new release of Kenelyze today which includes various brand new features and improvements to make going from data to insights even easier:

Visual Annotation

Sharing your networks was already possible using interactive exports and snapshots. It is now possible to create annotated versions of your networks to make sharing insights even easier. Kenelyze’s Annotation Mode allows you to highlight important parts of the network using shapes, lines and text, and then export annotated visuals for inclusion in documents or presentations. Here’s an example of an annotated network:

You can enter Annotation Mode using the new button in the toolbar at the bottom:

Annotation Button

New Metrics

This release includes two new metrics: Weighted Degree and Spanning Trees. Weighted Degree calculates the sum of the weights of all the links connected to a node, and is a valuable measure for node importance when analyzing networks where links between nodes are weighted.

Spanning Trees are a new way in Kenelyze to algorithmically create a ‘backbone’ of your network by creating a tree structure which includes links of maximum or minimum weight for a numerical link attribute of your choice. This is especially helpful when you’re working with relatively dense networks with a lot of links. Spanning Trees then allow you to create a simplified version of your network, while at the same time keeping the general structure of the network intact. Here’s an example of a full network and its tree representation:


Improved Data Filters

Various improvements have been made to the data filters in Kenelyze, including the ability to split attributes which contain multiple values:

Filters now also include icon indicators to show whether they’re currently active.

Performance Improvements

Various performance improvements have been implemented, most notably some significant improvements in the time it takes to convert a dataset into a network visualisation during the data import process.

Thanks to all users for their continuous feedback! Many of the features and improvements listed above are the result of your feedback and comments. If you need any support with the new features, please drop us a line at

If you’re interested in a demonstration of the platform, please let us know via the ‘Schedule demo’ button above. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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