R&D and Innovation

Market Intelligence

Kenelyze enables you to take a visual deep dive into the networks of connected topics, technologies, organizations and experts in your market of interest. Assessing the activity of your peers through a network lens provides key insights into the connectedness of their innovation output and the structure of their most important collaborations.

Open Innovation

Locating potential partners or assessing the innovation potential of current partners should always be supported with the right data and visual analytics. Kenelyze helps you to map interactive networks of activity to speed up and improve your decision-making with regard to your open innovation efforts.


Science Mapping

Gaining new ideas for products and services should always be supported with the right data and accompanying visualizations. Kenelyze allows mapping of the connections between topics and technologies to help you identify untouched areas and support you in your ideation process.

Visually mapping scientific output relevant to your area of interest helps you identify previously unknown areas of activity. Kenelyze can use any bit of metadata associated with scientific documents (including citations, authors and affiliations) to generate networks and help you gain a fresh view on the latest scientific developments.

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