Business Intelligence

Transforming raw internal and external data into valuable insights requires the right type of visual analytics. Kenelyze enables interactive analysis of the relationships residing within your business data sources, allowing deeper insight into transaction flows, supplier relationships, project portfolios, customer data, and competitive trends. Simply input your table-formatted data, choose what you want to visualize and Kenelyze does the rest.

Organizational Network Analysis

Next to formal hierarchies, organizations are made up of informal networks of employees and departments based on communication flows. These organizational networks provide a strong view on the tangible interactions taking place between employees, and can be leveraged to improve knowledge sharing, innovation, and workforce planning. Kenelyze allows you to visually analyze these networks and get a renewed view on the inner workings of your organization.

Open Data

Open data is available from a wide variety of governmental and non-governmental sources and is often characterized by the existence of a multitude of relationships between data points. Kenelyze allows direct mapping of the interconnections between variables in any open data source, enabling a whole new perspective on the patterns residing within the data and allowing anyone to leverage and re-use open data more fully.

Science & Technology

The analysis of scientific and technological development can be greatly enhanced when leveraging a network perspective. Academic publications and patents hold detailed information on connected organizations, technologies, topics, and individuals, allowing a visual deep dive in the inner workings of industries, regions or specific organizations. Kenelyze supports direct input and visualization of these data sources, enabling anyone to gain a stronger view on science and technology development.


Understanding how biological systems work often requires a visual perspective on the interactions between entities. Kenelyze enables bioinformaticians to input their source data easily and generate networks of interconnected data points on the fly, to allow a fully interactive perspective on the functioning of any biological system.

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