Data as a network

Making sense of the connections and networks hidden within datasets requires the right type of visual analytics. Utilizing the power of network analytics, Kenelyze enables you to interactively visualize the networks hidden within your data and gain valuable new insights.

How it’s done


Load your data into Kenelyze from a graph database or local file

Generate network map

Choose what you want to visualize and generate a network map on the fly

Analyze &

Filter your data, calculate metrics and adapt visual styling

Share or

Export your visual to various formats to share insights with others

Key Features


Easily import from a graph database, Excel, or CSV file and create network maps instantly Learn more...

Full visual customization

Adapt colors, sizes and shapes intuitively Learn more...

Advanced data filtering

Interactively slice and dice your data to focus on what interests you most Learn more...

Algorithms & metrics

Leverage leading network analytics metrics for better insights Learn more...

Various export options

Share visuals with the world as interactive pages or images Learn more...

Fully browser-based

Everything happens in the browser - no software installation needed Learn more...

Ready to get started?

Find out how easy it is to convert your data into interactive network maps and gain new insights.


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Kenelyze is a product by Kenedict Innovation Analytics