Does Kenelyze require any software installation?

No – Kenelyze is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. The application is fully browser-based and does not require any additional software installation.

In which browser does Kenelyze run best?

Kenelyze runs best in Google Chrome, but also runs well in Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and recent versions of Internet Explorer.

Is my data sent anywhere while working with Kenelyze?

Kenelyze runs as a client-side application in your browser and runs all its calculations locally on your machine. Networks can be saved to your hard drive as JSON files. Your data is thus safe and does not leave your computer when working with Kenelyze.

Which graph databases are supported by Kenelyze?

Kenelyze can connect with Memgraph, Neo4j, AnzoGraph and ONgDB.

What format should my local data sources have?

Kenelyze supports two common data formats: tables and link lists. A table consists of any number of rows and columns and allows users to choose which columns to use for the nodes and links in the network. A link list already holds information on links in the network, usually in the form of Source/Target or From/To columns. Compatible file formats for data import are Excel (XLSX/XLS), CSV, TSV and TXT.

How much data can Kenelyze handle?

On a regular machine with built-in graphics, Kenelyze can handle about 25,000 nodes and/or 200,000 links.

Is Kenelyze compatible with other network visualization tools?

Networks made in Kenelyze can be exported to GEXF files, which can be imported into tools such as Gephi. Alternatively, it is also possible to export the nodes and links in the network as Excel or CSV files for import into other tools.

Can I connect Kenelyze to my own databases or other popular network analysis packages to leverage more algorithms and metrics?

Definitely. We provide customized implementations of Kenelyze which can be connected to your internal databases or to popular Python packages such as igraph, NetworkX, graph-tool and NetworKit to leverage the many metrics available in these packages. Please reach out to learn more.

I have another question, how do I contact you?

You can send an e-mail to support@kenelyze.com.

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