Traditional data analysis and visualization often focuses on providing overviews of  output based on counts and sums of relevant metadata in standardized, static charts. Hidden within many data sources reside networks of interconnected entities, which can be analyzed and visualized using the principles of network analytics. Kenelyze enables you to interactively see your data from a whole new perspective and detect hidden trends and patterns in a fully visual way.

Securely import your data

To get you started as quickly as possible, Kenelyze supports direct data imports from graph databases, Excel files, CSV or any other text file with values separated by a delimiter. Your data are parsed and formatted by your browser on your computer – no data is sent to any external server.

Create network maps on the fly

Choose which metadata you want to visualize, and Kenelyze does the rest for you. Add any number of further properties to your data for deeper analysis. Already have a list of predefined relationships between data points? Kenelyze will handle it just as well.

Customize visuals to your needs

Easily adjust the colors, sizes, and shapes of the elements in your network to make sure the visualization suits your dataset and audience. Full control of the visual styling of nodes, links, and labels at any time.

Interactively slice and dice data

The ability to filter data is essential in obtaining the right focus and related insights. Kenelyze allows you to filter your networks using an intuitive interface and construct combined filters based on any numerical or textual attribute, so you can filter the noise and focus on what matters to you most.

Leverage leading algorithms & metrics

Optimize the positions of elements in your visualization using leading layout algorithms in network analytics. Visually determine clusters of related data points and calculate the importance of individual nodes from various perspectives, and enhance your insights accordingly.

Share your visuals with the world

Export excerpts of your network to images for use in presentations, or create fully interactive visuals for anyone to view at the click of a button.

And it all happens in your browser

Kenelyze runs within your browser of choice – no additional software installations are needed whatsoever. Simply log on using your credentials and start visualizing your data.

Ready to get started?

Find out how easy it is to convert your data into interactive network maps and gain new insights.


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Kenelyze is a product by Kenedict Innovation Analytics