We understand that every use case and data source is different. That’s why Kenelyze was built to be highly customizable. We provide tailored versions of Kenelyze based on your additional requirements, including:

  • Data compatibility: adding interfaces to allow importing data from your preferred graph database, file format or API;
  • User interface: customization of Kenelyze’s look and feel to be in line with your organization’s identity;
  • Hosting: enabling hosting of Kenelyze on your internal environment such as SharePoint or a dedicated location on your intranet;
  • Integration with external tools: connecting Kenelyze to external tools and environments (e.g. Python) to add further functionality;
  • Algorithms & metrics: implementation of additional metrics of interest to you;
  • Additional visual perspectives: visualization of your data in other types of visuals, e.g. matrices and charts.

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Kenelyze is a product by Kenedict Innovation Analytics